I-SEA Impact Business Days


A culminating event of the I-SEA program to showcase innovative solutions, inspire, and promote collaboration to create impact.

7 - 8 Juni 2023

Pullman Thamrin, Jakarta



Impact Business Days is an event that brings together a diverse community of professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and ecosystem enablers to explore sustainable and socially responsible business practices. The event serves as a culminating platform for the I-SEA program and provides a valuable opportunity for social enterprises and other organizations to connect, collaborate, and learn from one another.


On the first day, potential corporate partners, investors, and venture capitalists are invited to engage with social enterprises and gain insights into their innovative solutions. This day provides an opportunity for social enterprises to showcase their ideas and establish valuable collaborations with stakeholders.

Guest Participants:

Corporate Partners, Venture capitalists, Angel investor, ISEA Changemakers, IKEA coworkers, Media

Welcome Address

Dr. Yulius, M. A.

Deputy for Micro Enterprises at the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs of The Republic of Indonesia

Patrik Lindvall

President Director PT Hero Supermarket Tbk and President Director IKEA Indonesia

Romy Cahyadi

Chief Executive Officer at Instellar

Christoph Mathiesen

Partner Account Lead of IKEA Social Entrepreneurship Program

Adisti Chandra

Chief Operating Officer at Instellar


Christoph Mathiesen

Partner Account Lead of IKEA Social Entrepreneurship Program

Cheryl Gilbert

Expansion and Development Manager (QCA), IKEA Indonesia

Christina Niemela Strom

Head of Sustainability, IKEA Supply

Ratna Kartadjoemena

Partner at Potato Head, Co-Founder of Bicara Udara and Chairperson of Paloma Sjahrir Foundation

Donny Wahyudi

Head of Corporate Communications and Sustainability at Reckitt

Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Waste4Change

Erik Hormein

Vice President of Investment of BRI Ventures

Leon Toh

Managing Partner of Damson Capital

Almira Zulfikar

Chief Operating Officer of Plépah

Omar Stamboel

Chief Executive Officer of Westbike Messenger Service

Bintang Ekananda

Director and Co-Founder of Alner

Firda Istania

Co-founder of Qyos

Adijoyo Prakoso

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Duitin

Wakhyu Budi Utami

Co-Founder and Chief of Export at Rumah Mocaf Indonesia

Mustopa Patapa

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kulaku Indonesia

Dwi Sasetyaningtyas

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sustaination

Ika Juliana

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Greenie Indonesia

Tamara Dewi Gondo Soerijo

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Liberty Society

Anugrah Rizky

Head of Programme at Instellar

Duenno Ludissa Purbodiningrat

Founder and Chief Business Officer of Westbike Messenger


Melia Winata

Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Du Anyam

Romy Cahyadi

Chief Executive Officer at Instellar

Adisti Chandra

Chief Operating Officer at Instellar

Lishia Erza Budiman

Chief Executive Officer of ASYX Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Gita Syahrani

Convener at Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari - Koalisi Ekonomi Membumi

Ivy Londa

Impact Consultant

Irma Chantily

Partner, Supernova Ecosystem

Social Enterprises of I-SEA

Daur Ulang Itu Ini - is a movement actively sorting out, collecting, and managing recyclable waste to provide a “second life” while providing an opportunity for all elements in society to work together for a better future.

Greenie offers non-timber-based material for the home furnishing industry, with a low-emission adhesive combined with agricultural waste to support carbon emission reduction in furniture.

Alner is a returnable and reusable packaging system provider based on a deposit and reward model.

Kulaku produces and distributes coconut processing and derivative products by working along with over 500+ coconut farmers in Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatra, with the best quality products at competitive prices.

Founded in 2019 with the aim of abolishing injustice, Liberty Society provides eco-friendly merchandise and hampers that empower marginalized women.

Plépah transforms organic waste that is considered garbage and cannot be processed into food packaging products of economic value through the role of community empowerment.

QYOS, founded in 2020, is a digital-based start-up that provides automatic refill stations for household products, which are placed in shops in people's living areas.

Rumah Mocaf was first initiated as an empowerment program for cassava farmers in Banjarnegara, Indonesia, before becoming a leading producer and exporter of gluten-free all-purpose flour from cassava.

Sustaination is an online shop platform that sells local and sustainable living products to encourage and provide easier access for Indonesian people to start reducing waste and living more sustainably.

Westbike Messenger provides a sustainable logistic service for large urban cities with the ambition to cut 70 percent of carbon emissions that comes from transportation by utilizing bicycles to deliver packages.

I-SEA Impact Business Days


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